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Here are some tips and ideas that could be useful for people in career transition

Tips for a Smooth and Professional Resignation

Even if you're a seasoned professional, offering your resignation is something that (usually) happens infrequently throughout your career.  The toughest of nuts often find it surprisingly confronting.  We have a few tips that might help you navigate the process with less stress and more professionalism..


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Writing a HIgh Impact Resume

There are many opinions on this subject.  But if you put yourself in the position of the reader, and follow a few simple guidelines, you can quite easily craft a document that does you justice


Leadership Development and Coaching

Even the most experienced executive can benefit from the insights and support of an expert in leadership development.  Founded on extensive research into positive psychology, at Ellington Savage, we are strong believers in taking a balanced, strengths-based approach to understanding what makes us professionally successful and fulfilled.