We partner with a range of organisations that fall into the following portfolios:


Financial Services

Our understanding of this sector is broad-ranging and long-standing.  We work with a range of clients across:

  • Fintech

  • Wholesale banking, including markets and investment banking

  • Retail banking

  • Funds management, investments, wealth management and superannuation

  • Private equity and venture capital

  • Life and general insurance




We work with both federal and NSW state government agencies – sitting on their executive search panel.  We also work with a number of corporatised government bodies operated by independent boards.


Transport, logistics and aviation

Clients in this portfolio include iconic and international organisations owning and operating airlines, large freight operations or asset-intensive mobility companies.


Media and events

We have deep experience in this sector among major broadcast and publishing media companies and their downstream investments.  We also work with both consumer and business facing exhibition and events companies.  Our track record takes in partnering with senior management as they transformed businesses facing significant digital disruption.


sports and recreation

What started as a passion for one of our directors has transformed into a significant industry vertical.  We now support several sporting associations and clubs in relation to their boards, general management and those managing assets central to their purpose.


Membership bodies and

not for profit

We work with member-based institutions as well as charities and medical/scientific research institutions.  Depending upon circumstance, our work can be commercial in its intent or pro-bono as part of a broader commitment to causes we support.


energy and resources

We have successfully worked with a broad portfolio of Energy & Resources clients - some purely domestic, others operating internationally - across retail and wholesale energy, production and mining. Some assignments have focused on finding talent for corporate roles, others for geographically remote, challenging and highly technical environments.



Our client portfolio in this segment covers a disparate array of organisations, circumstances and stages of development.  We have successfully recruited for leadership roles within major multi-national technology organisations.  We have also worked with organisations building, operating and trading technology-centred business as a portfolio of assets.  Some of our most interesting work has been through working with early-stage and start-up enterprises in biotech and other emerging technologies.