We offer a suite of complementary services that meet the needs of clients and candidates with equal care and integrity, focusing on roles from mid-management to senior executive level.  


Our range of services include:​


Executive Search

We’ve been refining and adapting our executive search techniques since 1993.  At the heart of our capability is a sophisticated and proven research hub that has allowed us to move effectively across industries and to adapt as markets have evolved.  And with a quarter century of curated data, insights and knowledge, we can build effective strategies to solve even the most challenging recruitment challenges.  It’s all about helping you appoint the right leader, for the long term, the first time.


But it’s the focus, experience and skill of our people that exercises the value of data and networks.  We work hard to understand the issues facing your industry and your business.  Data and intelligence are of no particular use unless you know how to leverage them into value.  It's our ability to build bespoke strategies - and then deliver them with credibility - that underpins a quarter century of successful business partnerships. 



Interim Resources

Even with the best of planning, all companies face unexpected needs for expertise on a short-term or project basis.  Whether it’s driven by an unexpected departure, or through needing specialised expertise for a project, qualified interim resources are an expedient way to minimise risk and get on with business.  And increasingly, sophisticated organisations are embracing agile workforces and the clear benefit of a scaled, flexible cost bases.


Whatever is driving your need, we can move swiftly to provide an appropriately qualified interim resource across a range of disciplines.  We have a deep bench of business leaders and subject matter experts available for short to medium term assignments.



Market Mapping

There are a number of reasons that companies seek to understand the depth and calibre of talent in their related markets.  For many, it’s about understanding the competitive landscape; for others it equips and informs their human resource strategies.  Whatever the purpose, our research capabilities combine with extensive existing data to provide a comprehensive perspective.  Sophisticated companies use this information to drive initiatives such as leadership development, training, risk management and constructing external succession pools.  Being forearmed makes for proper planning and also reduces the time and cost inherent in an unexpected change in the senior ranks.


Succession management

We work with our clients to review and assess their talent at both a leadership level and in key specialist functions.  Our aim is to produce an impartial and comprehensive picture of the talent pipeline – identifying gaps, risks or vulnerabilities and looking for potential development opportunities.   Part of our value is the ability to identify and groom high calibre talent in the external marketplace – starting conversations and introducing concepts that builds a foundation for swift and smooth executive transition if the needs arises.